Тарифи на SKI-PASS (2019-2020) застава за ski-pass
РАЗОВІ ПІДЙОМИ (грн.,)20 грн.,
Денне катання
(1 підйом)
30 грн.,
АБОНЕМЕНТИ (грн.,)20 грн.,
Денний (9:00 - 18:00)400 грн.,
3 год200 грн.,
1 год
100 грн.,
Вечірнє катання
(18:00 - 21:00)
300 грн.,
  • Prices are for lift “Mala Kichera” and “Velyka Kichera”
  • Skipasses for 1 day is activated after the first pass through the turnstile and are valid until 18:00;
  • Skipasses for 1 hour are valid 1 hour after the first pass through the turnstile;
  • Skipasses for  3 hours are valid 3 hours after the first pass through the turnstile;
  • SKI-PASS deposit are returns in the cash office where it was purchased. In case if the
  • SKI-PASS was lost deposit will not returns;
  • Guests who stay in hotels that are part of MIGOVO ski resort receive 30% discount on ski-pass and 10% for ski rent;
  • If you buy SKI-PASS on the morning time, between 8:45 and 9:00 you’ll get 10% discount;
    Children under 12 have 50% discount on SKI-PASS;
  • Headguard is obligatory for children!;
  • *Night skiing starts if will sold at least 10 skipasses;